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The weather is getting cooler, and summer is quickly fading into the past, but my kids’ drawers are still full of shorts and t-shirts!  We are in need of some major fall shopping around here, but with three kids under 10, I need to be as economical as possible.  One way to fill those closets and drawers with fall clothing on a budget is to take advantage of local Children’s Consignment Events[click to continue…]

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Spring may be slow in coming, but the spring consignment event season is definitely here!  If you are new to consignment sales/events, they are worth checking out, and are a great opportunity to save big on new-to-you clothing and gear.  These sales happen each spring and fall, and offer a huge selection of gently used items, all in one place, organized for optimal shopping.  Shop early for the best selection, and snag a presale pass if you can to beat the crowds.  (These are usually offered to consignors or volunteers at the sale, or you can win a pair from your favorite local blog, wink wink).

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The Children’s Clothesline is a well run, super organized consignment sales event that has been making bargain shoppers happy since 2006.  [click to continue…]

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shopping Looking to build your kids’ fall wardrobe without breaking the bank?  Children’s consignment sales are a great option.  Held seasonally at venues throughout the South Shore, consignment events are great for those who need to fill their closets, as well as those who need to empty them.   [click to continue…]

{ 0 comments } looking for spring and summer items for your growing family?  Stop by the There They Grow Again children’s resale event happening April 11th-13th in Hanover!  Check out our giveaway at the end of this post to win a gift certificate and exclusive passes to the Thursday pre-sale!  [click to continue…]

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