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Spring is a great time to prepare your photography gear for the busy seasons ahead! Cameras get a lot of use with end of the school year concerts, plays, sporting events and capturing the beautiful landscape as it begins to bloom.

Here are some must do’s to keep your gear in tip-top shape!  [click to continue…]


Today Ladybug Photography is showing us how to make good use of our plentiful indoor time by capturing photographs of your kiddos using your camera’s manual mode by creating a DIY Indoor Studio.   If you are “stuck on auto”, don’t panic.  You can do this.  Don’t be afraid to take a lot of practice shots as you go.  After all, practice makes perfect, right?

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Hobbies, like photography are great way to get you outside, spark a new interest, meet new people and help beat the winter blues.  Today Ladybug Photography is sharing some fun ways that photography can snap you out of a winter funk!

Start a 365 project. This is good exercise requiring you to photograph something every day, for 365 days.  You can photograph a narrow subject, like images of your kids, or choose any aspect of your life. Share your photos in an official #365 project album, or make a hash tag of your own to keep them organized in one place.

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South Shore Mamas are the best!

Natalie & Marge truly appreciate our South Shore Mamas. They have made our jobs easy with their style, attention to detail and just great people! We couldn’t have had a great year without you.


We are looking forward to working with our South Shore Mamas next year!

Natalie & Marge