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After you’ve gotten your dinner plans under control with our list of Free Meal Planning Printables, let’s take it up a notch and make cooking your meals for the week even easier with Crock Pot Freezer meals!  crock pot meals image

Here’s how it works… you purchase ingredients for multiple crock pot meals, then spend an hour or two on one day trimming, chopping, and measuring the ingredients, separate them into individual bags, label with the name and cooking time, then pop them in the freezer.  When you want to make the meal, just defrost the bag in the fridge the night before, and empty it into the slow cooker in the morning!  (Defrosting is not a deal breaker, for most of these recipes you can still cook with frozen ingredients, just add time accordingly).

With Crock Pot Freezer Meals you can get dinners ready for the week, or even the month ahead.  Pre-planning at its finest!
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framed menu 2 Time to tackle a daily headache around here.  Dinner.  It’s a problem mainly because I head to the grocery store with no clear plan in mind for the week ahead.  We fill the cart with fruits, veggies, snacks, and whatever meat is on sale at the time, but when 4:00 rolls around each afternoon, I’m stuck scouring the cabinets for ingredients that I can throw together to create a real meal, or worse, throwing three kids into the car at 5:00 to pick up the one ingredient we don’t have in stock.

I can do better than this.  The new plan for 2014?  Taking a half hour each week to scan the grocery store flyer and plan out 4-5 decent meals based on sports practice, meetings, etc.

There are lots of meal planning notepads you can buy for this very purpose, but I like the flexibility of printing off my own sheets from the many, many sources online.  There are lots of ways to use them!   Simply print and {keep reading…}

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Whether you work full-time or part-time, whether you stay at home or commute, keeping your life organized can be the key to your sanity.  Balancing everything that goes on in your busy household can be tricky as well as frustrating.  To help you out, we’ve gathered together our favorite organizational tools from around the web.   We’ve got planners, wall organizers, fun printables, and even apps for your mobile device that will help calm the chaos and keep you motivated.  It’s time to get organized!


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all crafts 25 Ways to Organize It with a ClipboardAt our house, we are not so great at grocery lists.  When we realize we need something, it gets jotted down on whatever is handy at the moment… whether it’s a Post-it, scrap piece of paper, iPhone list, even on our white board calendar.  This is admittedly a bad system which generally results in missed items, and multiple mid-week trips back to Stop & Shop or to the black hole that is Target, with three kids in tow.  {keep reading…}

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