{Organize It} Sorting Through Those Old Photos

January 31, 2011 1

Old photos, we all have them, most likely a lot of them. Whether they’re in boxes or bags or piles, whether they are a few years old or a few decades old, they’re sitting around waiting to be dealt with. Today, Shannon from Love Your Space Professional Organizing shares some tips on how to organize those boxes (and boxes, and boxes…) of pictures you have stored away [read more]

{Local Highlight} Inspire Kids Yoga

January 28, 2011 0

Kim Spires of Inspire Kids Yoga started practicing yoga in 2006 after her second child was born. Yoga gave her the workout she needed as well as the peace she craved. Her physique changed, she felt stronger, happier and more confident in herself. She was hooked! Kim now teaches various classes for children ages 2-17 both privately and publicly. The main focus of the yoga program at Inspire Kids is fun!
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Mini Athletes in Norwood

January 21, 2011 0

At Mini Athletes in Norwood, the focus is on keeping children active. Kids are taught game fundamentals, skills and rules for a new sport each week, including soccer, tennis, basketball, floor hockey, kickball, t-ball, flag football, and dodge ball. Kids also get to play light-hearted, “silly” games to promote spirit and smiles! New sessions are starting this week in the following classes… Mini Althletes, Junior Athletes & Mini Hockey. [read more]

Help with {Toy} Storage & Organization

January 20, 2011 1

Today Sandra from Classic Design shares some ideas for organizing your children’s bedroom or play space:

Finally holiday decorations are stored away and you breathe a sigh of relief. However, your children received lots of new toys. So, where do you put them? As parents we want our kids to enjoy playing but are then faced with a cluttered family room. January is a good time to get your children organized…

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Craving {Girl Scout} Cookies?

January 18, 2011 0

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! If you’re craving your favorite flavor (Thin Mints anyone?), but don’t have a Girl Scout in or near your neighborhood, click here to find a cookie sales location near you!
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Celebrate Martin Luther King Day at The Children’s Museum in Easton

January 14, 2011 0

On Monday, January 17th, celebrate Martin Luther King Day at The Children’s Museum in Easton with a day full of activities. Add your personal touch to a colorful community art project led by fabric artist Rhonda Fazio. Learn how to weave on a loom and help create a piece of art that will be displayed at the Museum. Make a rainbow pin and enjoy other activities inspired by The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane Derolf.
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