{Get Organized} A Pretty Grocery List

all crafts 25 Ways to Organize It with a ClipboardAt our house, we are not so great at grocery lists.  When we realize we need something, it gets jotted down on whatever is handy at the moment… whether it’s a Post-it, scrap piece of paper, iPhone list, even on our white board calendar.  This is admittedly a bad system which generally results in missed items, and multiple mid-week trips back to Stop & Shop or to the black hole that is Target, with three kids in tow. 

Having admitted we have a grocery planning problem, I went in search of a solution, and found this lovely little Grocery Planner Clipboard project from Design Sponge.  It is pretty, functional, and best of all, cheap inexpensive to make!  Now, the {free} printable lists are great on their own, but pair them with a beautiful, custom magnetic clipboard, and I’m in love.  Design Source, thanks for making my fridge pretty again!

grocery planner list

gp menu format

grocery planner pen box

Click HERE to see the entire list of materials and instructions for this project, including the grocery list downloads.