Teacher Gifts – Personalized Scissor!

DSC_0229These Spiffy Scissors from Crap I’ve Made are so pretty {and functional} that we had to include them in our Teacher Thank Your Gift series.  They involve a little bit of craftiness, but overall it’s a pretty simple project that the teachers in your life are sure to love! 

For this project you’ll need scissors, patterned paper (I love that she coordinates her paper with the scissor handles), E6000 (adhesive, found at your local craft store), sandpaper/nail file, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (again, craft store), disposable icing bags, ribbon and any tags you want to add to the gift.  Find the complete tutorial on these lovely gifts at Crap I’ve Made.


Printable tags are not included in the tutorial, so you’re on your own a bit on that, but you’re creative, right?!





So pretty!  These would make a great gift for anyone really, file it away for Mother’s Day next year!