10 Fabulous Halloween Walkway Ideas

On Halloween, a visible walkway will help the little ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood stay safe.  Whether your taste is classic or creepy, we’ve got 10 festive ideas from around the web to help inspire your space.  Our personal favorite is the Green Glow Stick Lantern, it’s perfectly ghoulish!  {And we’re slightly obsessed with mason jar crafts at the moment}.



  1. Autumn Luminaries from Martha Stewart
  2. Mystical Glowing Walkway from Boo-it-yourself
  3. DIY Halloween Footprints
  4. Mason Jar Lanterns from Etsy
  5. Green Glow Stick Lanterns from Gluesticks
  6. Hanging Jack-o-lanterns from Better Homes & Gardens
  7. Scary Message Lanterns from Martha Stewart
  8. Spirit Jugs from eighteen25
  9. Eeeek Pumpkins from Kaboose
  10. Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda

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