{Review} Ivviva Athletica – Clothing for Active Girls

Last month I had the opportunity to try out some clothing from ivivva athletica – a clothing line for girls from lululemon!  Now I find lulu’s line of clothing drool-worthy anyway, but the girl’s line is just fantastic.  When I opened the ivivva package with my {fashion enthusiastic} 4-year-old, and she squealed with joy! 


Routine Jacket
This jacket has a nice cotton feel, and stretches to allow lots of movement.  K loves the convenient thumbholes!

Tumblin’ Tank II
This tank lets my daughter run, jump, cartwheel and flip with ease.  It stretches beautifully with great coverage.  We have it in Zing Pink, very pretty!

Rythmic Tight II
These pants are just too cute, the brightly colored waistband is just enough color and looks great paired with the tank and jacket.  I wish I had a pair for myself!

All in all, I highly recommend ivivva clothing.  It’s beautiful, functional, and kid-approved!  My daughter reaches for this outfit every week for gymnastics, the rest of her leotards quickly forgotten.  She would actually wear it every day of the week if I’d let her.  The only drawback to her new obsession with ivivva, is that my daughter dresses cuter than I do now!

Want to see ivivva in person?  Shop this fab brand locally at their newly opened store in Hingham, located at 38B North Street.