10 Easy Musical Instrument Crafts

DIY Instruments / Sound-makersLike it or not, winter in New England can sometimes prohibit outdoor play.  Whether you’re forced to stay inside due to freezing temperatures, or are stuck inside with sick little ones, having a stock of artsy projects on hand is key to surviving cabin fever.  Today we’re sharing some fun DIY Musical Instrument ideas you can make with items you probably already have in your house, so start saving your empty paper towel rolls, cans, and popsicle sticks, and get started on your own family band! 

Homemade Kazoos
Preschool Crafts for Kids

Popsicle Stick Harmonicas
Housing a Forest

Cardboard Box Guitar
Mini Eco

Duct Tape Drums
Frugal Fun for Boys

Cardboard Bells
Mini Eco

DIY Rainstick
Frugal Fun for Boys

Create Kids Crafts

musical instrument crafts for kids

Button Bottle Shakers
My HomeMade Montessori

My HomeMade Montessori: Button Bottles: Leftover buttons for shakers

Egg Carton and Wrench Xylophone
Almost Unschoolers

Almost Unschoolers: Egg Carton and Wrench Xylophone

Rhythm Sticks & Wrist Bells
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