February Vacation Destination: Winter Programs from Mass Audubon

kids in winter, ©Mass AudubonGet back to nature and explore everything winter has to offer during February vacation week with Mass Audubon’s winter programs! Kids will have a chance check out winter in the woods, on the trails, even at the beach.  Sign up for one day or keep busy all week long! 

For Children Ages 5-6:

Let’s Explore Winter! Through games, crafts and stories, with a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, we’ll explore the North River Wildlife Sanctuary in search of the special secrets of winter.  Cost is $30/$25 Mass Audubon Member per day.  {Click here to register online}

  • Tuesday, February 19th (9am-noon)
    Winter Wizards & Wild Weather
  • Thursday, February 21st (9am-noon) 
    Fur Coats & Bushy Tails

The fee for these programs is Cost is $30/$25 Mass Audubon Member per day.  Click here to register online.


For Children Ages 7-11:

  • Tuesday, February 19th (9am-3pm)
    Winter Trackers
    Join us for a tracking adventure to explore the trails of the North Hill Marsh and Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuaries in search of winter wildlife. Investigate how New England animals adapt to snow and freezing conditions, search for tracks and scat, and challenge your tracking abilities with some sensory experiments!
  • Wednesday, February 20th (9am-3pm)
    Winter Nature Nuts
    Come share your enthusiasm for winter by spending the day immersed in nature! Take to the woods on a pair of snowshoes, build a winter fort, and go on a scavenger hunt. Drink hot cocoa, get crafty with marshmallows, and explore your creative side with a winter art project.
  • Thursday, February 21st (9am-3pm)
    2nd Annual Beach Party
    We’re heading back to the beach to see what winter has washed ashore. Join us for a van trip to search for seals, birds, and shell-dwelling organisms that brave winter along the seashore. In the afternoon, we’ll celebrate our discoveries by making s’mores and a beachcomber’s pie!
  • Friday, February 22nd (9am-3pm)
    Winter Sky Wonders
    Discover two of the greatest wonders in the winter sky: birds and stars! Create a lunar lantern and learn about the night sky by making a constellation guide. Explore the life of local birds that brave the cold and bring color to the gray winter sky. Cook up some bird snacks and build a lunch buddy scarecrow to attract more wonder to the sanctuary!

The fee for these programs is $50/$45 Mass Audubon Member per day.  Click here to register online.

For more information on February vacation events from Mass Audubon, call (781) 837-9400 or email aquist@massaudubon.org.

Photo from https://www.massaudubon.org