12 Creative 100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

Well, this school year has flown by, and it’s almost the 100th Day of School!  Every year at school my children are given the task of creating a 100th day themed t-shirt, and each year I struggle to help them come up with a unique, feasible idea.  This year, thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I’ve got a whole lot of inspiration to go on!  Check out these 100th Day of School t-shirt ideas, and be sure to stop by the South Shore Mamas Pinterest boards for more crafts and activities for the 100th day!


  1. 100 Eyed Monster
  2. 100 Guitar Picks
  3. 100 Hearts
  4. 100 Mustaches
  5. 100 Safety Pins
  6. 100 Days Brighter
  7. Count to 100
  8. 100 Army Men
  9. 100 Gumballs
  10. 100 Photos
  11. 100 Baseballs
  12. 100 Pom Poms for Hair
  13. 100 Spiders
  14. 100 Flowers (use cut up leis)
  15. 100 Googly Eyes
  16. 100 Pom Poms

Unfortunately, a few of these links are just to images, not tutorials, but they are pretty self explanatory.  If I can do it, I know you can!


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