10 Snow Fun Activities

I hope you’re all staying safe and warm in this weekend’s blizzard. Whether you’re looking to stay inside or are heading outside to check out the snow, we’ve got some ideas to keep the kids busy!  Venture outside and Examine Snowflakes up close

Create a Snow Construction Site


Get creative and Color the Snow

Play Tic Tac Snow


Make Frozen Bubbles

blowing bubbles

Play Pin the Smile on the Snowman

Playing pin the smile on the snowman

Got snow, milk, sugar and vanilla?  Make Snow Ice Cream!

Make your own compass and Find the North Pole

Too cold outside for the little ones?  Fill the tub or a sink with snow and let them build their own mini-snowmen or mix with small toys & action figures.

Build a snowman or a Snow Critter

Snow caterpillar

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