5 Fun Christmas Links

cute-snowman We’re a bit snowed in right now, so I thought might be appropriate to share some favorite Christmas links to keep you and the kids busy during ‘indoor time’!

  1. NorthPole.com – Such a cute site.  You can read stories online, send Santa a letter, play online games, print stories and color the pages, and get ideas for crafts and recipes.
  2. Elf Yourself – If you haven’t seen this or done it yourself, please check it out.  You upload pictures of your family and the website creates a little video of yourselves as elves.  It’s hysterical!  My kids are obsessed with viewing our friends’ videos.
  3. Ten Little Snowmen (Starfall.com) – Cute, short activity where kids can build a virtual snowman.  Then do it again, and again, and again…
  4. Design Your Own Gingerbread House(HighlightsKids.com) – Another online activity, kids can design and accessorize their own gingerbread house!
  5. Santa Dress Up – Kids can play dress up with Santa or a snow man.