Scalliwags and Boomerang’s Closed

Earlier this week we received a comment from one of readers that two of the play places that we link to here on South Shore Mamas have closed unexpectedly.   Boomerangs in Carver, and Skalliwags in Pembroke are both closed for business at this time. 

The Boomerang’s website has posted the following notice to its customers:   “DUE TO URGENT ALTERATIONS, BOOMERANG’S WILL BE CLOSED.  WE WILL REOPEN SOON, WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE.” 

At this time, the Scalliwags website has no message about any closings, neither did the recorded message we got when we called their phone number.  We did find a few scathing reviews online from customers who arrived at Scalliwags with children, ready to play, only to find a sign on the door stating they were closed.

That’s all the information we have for now, but we will post here when we get any updates on either place.

Our thanks to Jenna for the heads up!

UPDATE:  We have also learned that The Little Gym in Pembroke will also be closing.  Their last day of business will be January 29th, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know why Scalliwags in Pembroke, Boomerangs in Carver, and My Little Gym in Pembroke closed down?

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