20 Snowflake Craft Ideas for Kids


It’s New England, it’s cold, and inevitably you find yourself stuck inside with the kids, so having a few craft ideas on hand is key to surviving cabin fever.  Today we’re sharing some fun and easy snowflake crafts that are perfect for a range of ages.  Most require simple materials that you may already have around the house, so you can get started right away.  Enjoy! 


Pasta Snowflakes

The possibilities are endless with this craft, you can use a variety of shapes, and make them as grand or simple as you like.  Paint them white or glittery, or leave them plain.  Here are a few examples to get you started (click on each photo to go to the original website source).  For some amazing creations, including pasta Christmas Tree decorations, click here!

pasta snowflake pasta snowflake2 pasta snowflake
pasta snowflake 4

pasta snowflake 5


Ballerina Snowflakes
So pretty and easier to make than you think!  This tutorial is from Kids Kubby, but we’ve seen it in quite a few places on Pinterest

ballerina snowflakes

3D Paper Snowflakes
These snowflakes can be make using plain, colored, or patterned paper.  Find out how at One Good Thing by Jillee!

3d paper snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Create beautiful decorations from coffee filters like these from Mom.me.

coffee filter snowflakes_mom.me

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes
Who knew you could use toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls) to make snowflakes?!   There are a whole slew of ideas floating around on Pinterest, here are just a few.  Click on individual photos for links back to the original website.

toilet paper roll snowflakes1

paper towel snowflakes3

paper towel snowflakes4  paper towl roll snowflakes

Snowflake Window Clings
These puffy paint snowflakes are pretty to look at from inside and outside of the house.  Get the tutorial and templates at Club Chica Circle.

puffy paint window clings

Crayon Resist Snowflake Art
A super simple craft using crayon and water color paint.  Find out how to make these over at Classic Play.

crayon resist snowflakes_ClassicPlay

Puzzle Piece Snowflakes
A creative way to use up puzzles that have missing pieces!  Red Ted Art has some great tips for this one.

puzzle piece snowflake

Beaded Snowflakes
Using pipe cleaners and beads, you get as fancy as you want with this craft.  First Pallette used a variety of beads to get this look (see more on their website):

beaded snowflake

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes
Recycle your plastic bottles into pretty decorations with this idea from DIY Cozy Home.

plastic bottle snowflakes

Lego Snowflake
You may have to dig through your Lego bins for a bit, but I bet you have the pieces to make a snowflake like this one.  Find instructions on how to build a Lego Snowflake here.

lego snowflake

Perler Bead Snowflake Ornament
Create your own pattern, or copy the stylings over at The Chilly Dog

Perler-Bead-Snowflake (1)



Painted Snowflake Canvas
This craft from Inner Child Fun is perfect for a large range of ages.

painted snowflake art

Stained Glue Snowflakes
Such pretty snowflakes, made from glue and water color paint!  Find out how over at Holiday Crafts & Creations.

stained glue snowflakes


Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes
Painted or plain, these popsicle stick creations are easy for all ages.  Crafty Nest will show you how!

Quilled Paper Snowflakes
These snowflakes look intricate, but if you can cut paper into strips and wrap them around a stick (quilling needle in the tutorial), you can make them!  Get more info at MarthaStewart.com.

quilled snowflakes

Clothes Pin Snowflake
If you don’t own any clothes pins, you can pick them up pretty cheaply at your local craft store.  Find out how to assemble these fun decorations at A Little R & R.

clothes pin snowflake

Button Snowflake
This super easy craft is great for little hands to tackle.  Get the full tutorial at Thrifty Fun.

button snowflake

Grow A Crystal Snowflake
This one is for the budding scientists out there.  Work It Mom will show you how to grow your own crystal snowflake using pipe cleaners and Borax.

borax snowflake experiment2

Snowflake Patterns
If you’re looking to create beautiful paper snowflakes, this template is fantastic!

snowflake patterns

snowflake patterns2

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