Super Science Fun for Kids: Oobleck Slime

It’s a solid, it’s a liquid, it’s Oobleck!  Oobleck is a cool slimy substance that is a solid when you squeeze it, but turns into a liquid once you let it go.  This is a super simple science activity that kids of all ages can really get into.  You only need to ingredients for this one, so if you have cornstarch and water, you’re ready to go!


To make Oobleck, you will need:

1 Cup Cornstarch
1/2 Cup Water
Food Coloring (optional)

Pour the cornstarch into a bowl.  Slowly add the water and mix with your hands as you go.  (Note:  if you are going to use food coloring, add it to the water before mixing it with the powder).  There is no exact formula, so continue to add water little by little and test as you go by grabbing a handful and squeezing it into a ball.  If it melts and drips between your fingers when you let go of it, it’s ready!

Have fun squeezing the slime and rolling it into balls, tubes, and other shapes.  Break off pieces and watch them melt away.  Bury your hand and see how hard it is to pull back out again!

This recipe makes enough slime for one child to enjoy.  Just increase the ingredients for multiple children.

Have fun!

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