How to Create a DIY Indoor Studio in Your Home

Today Ladybug Photography is showing us how to make good use of our plentiful indoor time by capturing photographs of your kiddos using your camera’s manual mode by creating a DIY Indoor Studio.   If you are “stuck on auto”, don’t panic.  You can do this.  Don’t be afraid to take a lot of practice shots as you go.  After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Since we are all snowed in these days, why not get some adorable photos of your children? We are going to make this fun and easy for you in the camera’s manual mode.

First up, Natural light. Find the best room in your house that gives the most warm, soft light.  It could be your sunroom, kids’ bedroom, or your living room.  You just need a little space to make your indoor studio.

Next up is White Balance.  Adjust your white balance, switching to a setting that matches your light the best (see the chart of options below). Most cameras have these settings.  If you’re not already familiar with changing the white balance settings, check your camera’s manual.  It’s pretty easy once you find the settings.


Set your ISO.  Keep in mind that at higher ISO you will get some graininess in your photograph. We would recommend using as low of an ISO as possible and working up from there.


F-Stop/Aperture.  Adjust your settings around the light you have coming in, by choosing the right f-stop or aperture. Start with a wide aperture, such as f/2.8 (see the image to the far left below, this lets in  the most light into the camera). A wide aperture will have much less in focus, giving you that nice blurry background effect (bokeh). Stop down (increase the f-stop number) until you have the right light for your setting.


Next, set your Shutter Speed.  1/125 (everyday photos) , 1/250,(children playing ) 1/500( fast moving subject). If you have your child sitting in a chair or laying down (no movement) we would recommend you start at 1/100.  Then check your camera screen to make sure it’s at a pleasing exposure.


Now that you have your camera all set up, the fun stuff begins.  Think background ideas!

  1. Plain wall – make sure your wall has good light and is clear of wires, outlets or anything distracting.
  2. Fluffy rug – These are great for newborns or toddlers, just lay them on top of the rug and snap away.
  3. Fabric/fabric shower curtain etc – Fabric is great for taking full body photos. Tape a larger piece of fabric to a wall. Just be careful if your child is moving a lot that the fabric is secured to the wall and make sure nothing is behind the fabric that can fall.



You can get silly and incorporate some fun photo booth props like these found on Etsy.


Or, keep it simple with a beautiful portrait of your child.  Have fun and play around with your camera and your kids!

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Marge & Natalie

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