10 More April Fool’s Pranks for Kids


While I can’t bring myself to pull any mean April Fool’s Day tricks on my family, I’m all for a little silliness in good fun.  Last year we pulled the undrinkable juice (jello in the cup instead of fruit punch) trick and the kids thought it was pretty funny.  (Taken from our list of 10 Sill April Fools Pranks for Kids).  This year we scoured the web and found 10 more fun ideas to get everyone giggling on April 1st.  They’re all pretty cute, now which one to choose? 

Cereal Switch – Open all of your cereal boxes and swap the inner bags all around.

Upside Down House – Turn as many objects as you can upside down, picture frames, decorations, toys, etc.  If you’re feeling ambitious, flip the table and chairs too!  Just remember you have to clean up this mess later…

Remote Trick – Take the batteries out of the remote.  You may want to “misplace” them for a while and enjoy the quiet.

Veggie Chips – Open up your child’s favorite junk food snack bags, replace the chips with veggies, then reseal with glue.  Too mean to pack in their lunch?  You decide.

Brown E’s – Trace and cut out a dozen or so E’s using brown construction paper.  Place them in a baking pan and ask if the kids would like some Brown E’s!  (Brownies…  you get it)  Go that extra mile and top the pan with tin foil to get the most out of this prank, they won’t see it coming.

photo from making time for mommy

Short Socks – Sew one of your child’s socks closed halfway down, so only half of their foot will fit in.   (Must be willing to sacrifice one sock for this one.  I wouldn’t choose the Nike Elites).

Shrinking Kids – Buy (or borrow) clothes a few sizes too big for your child, and put them in their drawers (or set out as school clothes).   Or, as an alternate trick, lay out clothes that are far too small and watch them try to squeeze into them.

No Suds Soap – Coat a bar of soap with clear nail polish, when they try to wash their hands (provided they remember), it won’t get foamy and soapy.  Ha!

Frozen Toothbrush – Take your child’s toothbrush cup, fill it partway with water and freeze (toothbrush still inside), and replace in the bathroom.  They won’t be able to pull the toothbrush out of the ice (or brush their teeth, so beware).

For Sale – Put a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. This one will take a little planning, but it has the added bonus of fooling your kids and your neighbors.


Have fun fooling the kids, and beware of retribution!


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