Inbox Management Part II: Stop the Subscription Insanity

If you are like me, your inbox is full of subscription emails, bombarding you daily with updates and offers, flash sales and coupons.  They come from your favorite retailers, coupon sites, news publications and blogs.  At some point we thought it was a good idea to sign up for all of these updates, right?  Maybe we were hoping to save on our next order, or didn’t want to miss a sale, or just wanted to stay up to date on the latest news for our area.  Good intentioned as they were, these subscription emails are now causing a bottleneck in your inbox that is hard to wade through each day.

Although each of these messages and newsletters contain the very helpful “unsubscribe” option somewhere in there, the task of actually clicking on each one and following through with the unsubscribe has fallen woefully to the bottom of my to do list.  So in the meantime, I delete, delete, delete.  Even the ones I want to read get deleted most of the time because I just do not have the time to go through them all.   Then they come back again the next day or week.  The never ending cycle.

Well guess what, there’s a better way! is here to help clean up your inbox by helping you get rid of those subscriptions you don’t want, and gathering up the ones you DO want into one cozy email per day.  ONE EMAIL that you can skim through and read just what you want.  Doesn’t that sound great?!

Here’s the process, super simple.  It took me a total of 3 minutes to set mine up.

1.  Input your email address

2.  Unrollme gathers all of the subscriptions currently in your inbox.  I had 195.  Yikes!

3.  For each subscription, you can choose to unsubscribe, or add to your rollup email.

4.  Choose what time of day you’d like your rollup email delivered – morning, afternoon or evening.

5.  Unrollme will send you an email once a day, with all of your subscriptions listed together.  In one place.  Fantastic!  Just click on any emails you want to read, ignore the ones you don’t.


Some emails will be delivered arrive after your rollup arrives.  They will be sent to you the following day as a part of your next batch of subscriptions.  If you want to check what has been delivered before then, just log into and click “tomorrow”.  You are also able to see all of your subscriptions and rollup choices on the Unrollme website as well, and make changes anytime you like.

Subscriptions are broken into categories to quickly check your mail (business, deals, shopping, etc).   You also have the choice to unsubscribe from the list, stop rolling up (and go back to being delivered straight to your inbox), or you can change the category associated with that subscription.


There you have it.  No more cluttered inbox!  I’ve been using Unrollme for two weeks now for my South Shore Mamas email, and it’s been amazing.  I am going to setup my personal email this week!

[jbox radius=1]Now that you’ve tackled your subscription emails, let’s get the rest of your inbox organized with Inbox Management Part I: Folders & Filters! [/jbox]


Note:  I don’t work for Unrollme, and I’m not getting anything in return for this post.  I just love this service and wanted to share!


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