Indoor Snow Day

When you have little ones at home, snow days can bring mixed feelings.  I love the indoor snuggle time on the couch reading books, or having them be my little sous chefs making cookies, but when the snow stops flying and they want to venture outside, I cringe just a little.

Just having toddlers is one thing, the process of putting on snowpants-jacket-mittens-hat is not a quick one, but if you add a baby into the mix things get a bit more tricky.  How do I take my 3 and 5-year-olds out to play in the snow while also watching the baby inside? Sometimes the stars align and nap time falls just right, but that’s a long shot.  So what do you do? BRING THE SNOW INSIDE!


First, grab a shallow storage bin, head outside and fill it up with snow.  You can also fill up the kitchen sink with snow, making cleanup even easier.  Have the kiddos put on their snow mittens, and have at it!

They can make mini snowmen, mountains, whatever their little imaginations want. Let them use small Tupperware containers or Play Doh molds to make snow shapes. Grab some action figures or army men from their toy bins and let them bury and unearth them over and over.  Make little snow palaces for their tiny princess figures.  Get creative!

When they’re done, just pour into the sink and melt with running water.  Easy peasy!