100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

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We've almost made it.  100 days of school!  And with 100 days of learning come the 100th day of school projects, t-shirts being a very popular one.  Since our post on 12 Creative 100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas, we've found even more adorable ideas on Pinterest boards and crafty websites.  Here are our top 10 favorites for creative, fun, and not-too-hard-to-make t-shirt ideas (with a bonus Star Wars idea)!


I survived 100 Days of School
Add 100 bandaids of various shapes and colors


And on the back.... and so did my teacher!

i survived 100 days

100 Fingers
20 Handprints = 100 Fingers (and thumbs)

100 fingers

Thumbs Up
Add thumb prints in your child's favorite colors!

thumbs up

We love this original idea - 100 puzzle pieces attached with fabric glue!


100 Legos
Super easy (if you can part with your Legos of course)

100 legos

100 Hearts
"100 Days of School and Loving It!" from The First Grade Parade

100 hearts

Very Hungry Caterpillar
"I Crawled My Way Through 100 Days"

very hungry caterpillar

100 Days Have Popped On By
Substitute yellow and white pompoms instead of real popcorn for the less greasy version of this shirt.


I Can't Beelieve It's Been 100 Days
May require a trip to the craft store for this cute one, but it's worth it.


100 Skittles
Good enough to eat, this skittle tie is another easy project!

skittle tie

* * * BONUS * * *

Star Wars Yoda Quote T-Shirt
"100 Days Smarter He Is" says Yoda

100 days star wars

Need more ideas?  Check out this post!

12 Creative 100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

100 days collage

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