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Do you have a collection of Lego instruction booklets hiding out in a box, a bin or (if you’re really organized) some sort of fancy binder?  Or do you toss them, because you know that those Lego sets are getting built once, played with, then dismantled, never to be made again?

I am somewhere in between.  Directions to big sets are kept in a semi-organized fashion (bins located somewhere in the basement), smaller sets are tossed (recycled).  For the most part, my little Lego maniacs never build the same set twice.  But once in a while they surprise me, and if that glossy little booklet is nowhere to be found, all is not lost, thanks to customer service at!

If you are looking for a specific set of Lego instructions, here’s what you do:

First, go to

The easiest way to find the instructions you’re looking for is to have the set number, which is found on the original box your Legos came in.  Can’t figure out the set number?  Not to worry.  Lego will let you search by year, theme, or by inputting key words to narrow down your choices (i.e. droid ship).

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Once you find the set you’re looking for, download the PDF and either print (depending on length) or let your child build from the instructions on screen.

Sometimes you have the instruction booklet, are excited to start building, and run into the unlikely and heartbreaking situation of a MISSING PIECE!  Perhaps the problem can be solved by digging through your Lego storage bins for a suitable replacement, but if it’s a specialized piece, you might be out of luck.  At least for the moment.  The good news is, you can request a replacement piece online!

Again, Lego lets you search by set number or key word to find the piece you need.  Now the hard part – waiting for the shipment to arrive!

lego missing pieces

Thanks Lego, for saving the sanity of kids and parents everywhere!

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