Free Printable No Candy Valentines

free printable no candy valentines

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and FamilyFun magazine has the cutest creative card ideas for kids to try out! Little love bugs will dig matching their favorite party favor with FamilyFun’s FREE printable online templates. In a jiff, they’ll have cool, customized (and punny!) Valentine’s for every classmate this year.

From goofy glasses and zoo animals to yo-yos and playing cards, these card ideas take Valentines to a whole new level!


Print the template onto 8½-by-11-inch sticker paper (at office-supply stores), and have your child trim it out using pinking shears. Stick it onto the yo-yo, and you’re good to go!

Print greeting onto card stock; cut out. Trim a piece of sushi grass (we found ours on to the width of the card. Insert the greeting, grass, and zoo animal into a cellophane bag; tape it closed.

Print the template onto 8½-by-11-inch sticker paper; cut out. Wrap a box of cards once with washi tape, then stick the greeting onto the box.

Help your child splatter card stock with watercolors; let dry. (Practice on a test template first.) Print greetings onto the painted card stock and cut out. Punch holes in each, then attach the tags to the paint sets with string.



Insert scrap cardboard into a small muslin bag (we found ours on Help your child stamp a heart onto the bag; let dry. Print the greeting; cut out and insert into the bag, along with a jacks set.

Place crayons on top of a notepad and wrap with a rubber band. Print the template onto plain paper; cut out. Wrap it around the bundle and tape in place in the back.

Print greeting onto cloud-patterned paper (we found ours at; cut out. Adhere paper to card stock with a glue stick. Attach parachuter with a glue dot.

Print the greetings onto card stock; cut out. Use double-stick tape to attach the glasses onto the card stock, or punch holes for each of the temple pieces, thread them through, and fold closed.

For more fab ideas, visit the FamilyFun website!

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