St. Patrick’s Day Party Food

I love a traditional boiled dinner, but what about apps and dessert?  We’ve rounded up some fun ideas for St. Patricks’ Day Food.  There are snacks for the kids, appetizers for the grownups, and desserts for everyone!


From healthy to cheesy, there are lots of great ideas out there for St. Patrick’s Day party snacks and appetizers. I’ve made the Mini Reubens twice now, they are amazing!

snacks and apps

  1. Fruit Rainbow
  2. Green Candied Popcorn
  3. Classic Reuben Dip
  4. Shamrock Tortilla Chips
  5. Mini Reuben Appetizer
  6. Reuben Loaf



When in doubt, go green! All of these desserts look very festive and very tasty too.

st patricks day food

  1. Ombre Crispie Treats
  2. Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies
  3. Rainbow Cupcakes 
  4. Grasshopper Pie
  5. Mint and Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars
  6. Leprechaun Hat Cookies
  7. Mint Shakes
  8. Thin Mint Truffles





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