May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars Snacks

star wars snacks

Celebrate May 4th with some truly out of this world Star Wars themed snacks!  The star wars fan in me wants to make every single one of these (although my favorite has to be the Sarlacc Cake).  Click the links below to visit the original sites and find out how to make these treats.

Tie Fighter Cookies
from Celebrating Family

tie fighter cookies

Tie Fighter Crackers

tie fighter crackers

Light Saber Pretzels
from Two Sisters Crafting

light saber pretzels

Han Solo S'mores
from A New Dawwn

han solo smores

Storm Trooper Marshmallows
from Catch My Party

stormtrooper marshmallows

Sarlacc Bundt Cake
from Yummy Crumble

sarlak cake

Carbonite Jello
from Viral Nova

carbonite Jello

Yoda Soda
from Running Away?  I'll Help You Pack!

yoda soda

Edible Ewoks
from Over the Big Moon
(OK, they're Teddy Grahams, but they're cute, and easy!)

edible ewoks


And if you've got a little extra time, why not carve a Death Star Watermelon...

watermelon death star

And a final thought...

what if

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