Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Kids

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Did you know that Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War?  It’s also a great excuse to fire up some Mexican food and celebrate with family and friends.  Today FamilyFun Magazine is sharing four adorable kids crafts to get the kids involved in this festive holiday!

flower crown craft

FLOWER CROWN – Make a bunch of flowers for a full coronet—or just one or two for a simpler hair band.


  • Crepe paper sheets in shades of pink, orange, and yellow
  • 6-inch pieces of floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Plastic headband

1.    Fold a sheet of crepe paper in half twice, then cut out 12 petal shapes through the layers. Separate the petals and gently press and pull each one to curl the edges.

2.    For a stamen: Fold a 2- x 24-inch strip of contrasting crepe paper in half widthwise a few times, then fringe it. Wrap around the end of a piece of floral wire and secure with floral tape. (For a flower without a stamen, skip this step.) Wrap three petals around the stamen and secure with tape. Repeat with remaining petals. Make up to six flowers per band.

3.    Wrap a plastic headband with floral tape. To attach flowers, wrap each wire around the headband and secure with tape.

taco pinatas image

MINI TACO PIÑATAS – String ’em together to hang above a table, or make one per guest as party favors.


  • Yellow construction paper
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Glue stick
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Hot glue
  • Mini cupcake liners
  • Small treats (optional)
  • String (optional)
  • Yellow paper clips (optional)

1.    For each taco: Cut a 6-inch circle out of construction paper. Cut 20 1- x 6-inch strips of tissue. Stacking five to 10 at a time, fringe them along one long side.

2.    Glue the first strip of tissue across the center of the circle. Add a strip just above it, so the fringe overlaps. Continue to the top, then repeat on the other side, starting in the opposite direction. Trim any excess.

3.    Cover half of a toilet paper tube with hot glue (an adult’s job), then wrap the fringed paper circle around it.

4.    Scrunch up a cupcake liner, dot hot glue onto the bottom, and stick it on top of the toilet paper roll. Continue adding liners in different colors until the entire inside is covered, including one opening of the toilet paper tube. If desired, place wrapped candies or toys inside the open end of the tube, then stuff in a liner to seal.

5.    To turn your mini taco into a garland, make a bunch and string them up using small yellow paper clips.


CUTE CACTI – Who you callin’ spineless? These quirky cacti look awesome on a windowsill.


  • Acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Terra-cotta pot
  • Green sock
  • Sewing needle and embroidery thread (or strong fabric glue like Magna-Tac)
  • Polyfill stuffing (at craft stores)
  • Small dowel (optional)
  • Contrasting fabric (optional)

1.    Paint your pot a fun color; let dry.

2.    Turn the sock inside out. Cut a wavy oval along the folded edge of the foot.

3.    Sew the cut side closed using a tight whipstitch, at least ¼ inch from the edge; leave the bottom inch open. (If using glue, be sure it fully dries before the next step.)

4.    Turn the sock right-side out and fill with stuffing. For a taller cactus, push the dowel into the center to hold it upright. Stitch the bottom closed.

5.    Create a few small “arms” the same way, then stitch them to the trunk. To add flowers, cut a small star shape from contrasting fabric and stitch it onto the cactus. Place it in the pot. If it doesn’t fit snugly, add stuffing around the sides.


COLORFUL COASTERS – Waterproof gloss gives ’em staying power!


  • A few shades of acrylic paint
  • White paperboard coasters
  • Papel picado banners ($11;
  • Waterproof sealer (like Mod Podge Dish- washer
  • Safe Gloss, $16;

1.    Paint the coasters; let dry. For each coaster, cut a piece of banner in a contrasting color to the size of the coaster, plus ½ inch all around.

2.    Apply sealer to the coasters. While still wet, press banner squares on top, gently smoothing wrinkles or bubbles. Fold the edges over. Coat the tops with sealer, let dry, then coat the bottoms; let dry.

Thank you to FamilyFun Magazine for these fabulous ideas!

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