Family Fun at Starland in Hanover


Starland in Hanover is an easy spot to stop when you need something to do with the kiddos.  The outdoor Funpark features go karts, bumper cars, mini golf, a rock wall and batting cages.  Indoors you can keep busy with laser tag, an arcade, and multiple indoor sports courts.  Hungry?  Grab a bite to eat at the Starland Cafe!

Starland has changed a lot since I was a kid.  Remember this?

old starland

The double tiered driving range is long gone, and has been replaced by The U and Starland Funpark.  We drove down to check out the Funpark on a day when we had a couple of hours to fill.  It did not disappoint.

The bumper cars were a huge hit.  My three kids (12, 10 & 8) laughed the entire time.  Your ride is set to music and lasts for one song.  They had a blast slamming into each other, or just spinning in circles!

starland bumper cars

We did some laps in the go karts as well. The older two rode solo, and I paired up with my 8-year-old (the attendant recommended we take a double car since these things are kind of tough to steer).  There's a little "boost" button on your steering wheel that you get to use twice during your ride.  Perfect for when you want to zip by your older brother on a straightaway!

starland gokarts
Next time we come back down to Starland we're going to try a round of mini golf, and take a few turns on the outdoor rock wall.  The indoor arcade and laser tag would be perfect to keep busy on a rainy day!



starland batting cages

Everything that you purchase is loaded on to a Starland card that is swiped by the attendant at each ride/activity.  You pay individually for each ride, and that can add up quickly, so it can be worth it to get the multi-ride options.  Pricing is as follows:

Go Karts
$9.00 each ride, or 5 for $40.00
Double Go Kart  $11.00

Bumper Cars
$6.00 each ride or 5 for $22.00

Mini Golf
$9.00 Adult, $6.00 Child, Under 4 Free

$6.00 each climb or 5 for $22.00

Batting Cages
$2.00 each, or 12 for $20, 25 for $40.00

Ultimate Star Land Park Pass
$69 per person:  $5.00 Arcade Card and Unlimited Everything else (good for day of purchase)

Star Land Fun Pack:  One of Everything (No Expiration)
$35 per person:  Go Karts, Bumper Cars, Rockwall, Laser Tag, Mini Golf, and a $5.00 Arcade Card

Laser Tag and Arcade
Laser Tag $7.00 or 5 for $30.00
Special: 3 games of Laser Tag + $5.00 Arcade Card $21.00


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Hours of operation*:

Sunday-Thursday  10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday  10 am  –  10:00pm

Friday Night Teen Special 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am –  10:00pm

Go Karts Open Daily at 11:00am
Last Mini Golf sold 30 minutes prior to close

*subject to change, check with website for updated information




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