Creative Egg Carton Crafts Ideas for Kids

recycle with egg carton crafts

Spring is a time for renewal!  Recycle your egg cartons into new beauty with these easy craft ideas.  For most of them you won’t need much more that empty egg cartons, paint, pipe cleaners and maybe some googly eyes.  Have fun creating!

Egg Carton Turtles
from Emma Owl


Big Egg Carton Turtle
from Pinterest

big turtle

Spring Chicks
from Typically Simple

spring chicks

Egg Carton Train
from The Craft Train

egg carton train

Egg Carton Sea Life
from Fantastic Fun and Learning

egg carton sea life

Egg Carton Jellyfish
from All Free Kids Crafts

egg carton jellyfish

Egg Carton Penguins
from Kiwi Crate


Egg Carton Critters
from Preschool Activities

egg carton critters

Egg Carton Ladybugs
from Marin Mommies

egg carton ladybugs

Egg Carton Wall Flowers
source unknown

egg carton wall flowers

Egg Carton Butterfly
from Local Fun for Kids

egg carton butterfly

Egg Carton Flower Necklace
from The Imagination Tree

egg carton flower necklace

Egg Carton Masks
from Red Tricycle

egg carton masks

Egg Carton Strawberries
from The Pinterested Parent

egg carton strawberries

Egg Carton Flower Prints
from Meaningful Mama

egg carton flower prints

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