Display that Art Work!

land-of-nod-work-of-art-clips My 5 year old son loves art projects, and is especially into crayons.  Pretty much every afternoon you can find him parked at the kitchen table with a pile of white paper and his box of 96 Crayola crayons.  He can go through a 100-sheet pad of drawing paper in two weeks.  All of his pictures are important to him, so of course I try to display as many as possible… we’ve got them on the fridge, the basement door, sometimes even on the kitchen cabinets.  In order to try and keep the house a little less cluttered looking, I went searching for some ideas to better display his ‘pieces’.  I found a great solution online in these Work of Art Clips ($12.95 each from the Land of Nod).  They come in four different styles (I went for the Stars, very cute!),  and each strand includes 7 clips to hold up your child’s artwork.  My son loves seeing his pictures displayed on the walls of our playroom, and will show them off to any visitor he can drag in there!