Setting a Fun Kids Thanksgiving Table

Make Thanksgiving special for the little ones this year and keep them busy at the same time with these fun and festive ideas for setting the kids table on Turkey Day!


Print out these Thanksgiving downloads from Alphamom and let the kids their hearts out to create a festive Thanksgiving table!  Available patterns include a Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece, Thanksgiving Napkin Rings, a Thanksgiving Crayon Holder and a Thanksgiving Coloring Page (makes a great place mat).

coloring kit


Cover the kids table with butcher paper or a roll of white drawing paper, provide cups of crayons, and let them doodle away while waiting for the main course to arrive.  Draw in ‘place mats’ to add a little charm!

paper covered table thanksgiving

Provide the kiddos with Chalkboard Placemats and colorful chalk to keep them busy.  If you’re gifted in the sewing arena, check out the chalk cloth placemat tutorial (pictured on left) from Flamingo Toes and create your own Thanksgiving themed placemats.  If you’re more inclined towards painting projects, check out La T Da for a cheap and easy way to create home made wooden chalkboard placemats (pictured on right) for kids your table.

chalkboard placemat




Create a fun centerpiece for the kids table with a yummy surprise (ok, it’s popcorn) inside with this Paper Bag Turkey from One Charming Party!

paper bag turkey


Create this fun Colorful Turkey Caddy from Family Fun to hold markers, crayons or pencils for your kids table artwork!

turkey caddy

Let the kids dress the part for your Thanksgiving feast with these Paper Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets from Martha Stewart.

pilgrim hats



Print this free Thanksgiving kit from PaperGlitter, including invitations, menu, food label tents (customizable), tags, shopping check list, napkin rings, placemat, Thanksgiving banner and more.

activity kit


Make the kids table special with a Thanksgiving Kid’s Printable Party Pack ($9) from the Frog Prince Paperie Etsy shop.  Package includes a Thanksgiving banner, labels, buffet tents, circle tags, cupcake wrappers, napkin rings, place cards, and a ‘Tree of Thanks’ paper craft (to be assembled) for the centerpiece!

party pack



Have these activity sheets and coloring pages ready to tame your little turkeys during the lull before dinner or while they wait for the rest of your guests to finish eating!


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  1. I am not crafty at all, but my five-year-old daughter is a budding artist. I need all the help I can get coming up with crafts for her to do! We are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year, and I was hoping to think of some projects for her to do to prepare for our guests. Thanks for the great ideas!

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