{Local Highlight} Inspire Kids Yoga

Kim Spires of Inspire Kids Yoga started practicing yoga in 2006 after her second child was born.  Yoga gave her the workout she needed as well as the peace she craved.  Her physique changed, she felt stronger, happier and more confident in herself.  She was hooked!

Kim started involving her children by showing them a few poses before bed at night for fun.  She then found them their own “real” children’s yoga class, which was a big hit.  Kim soon became certified with the intention of using the teaching tools with her own children, but received so many requests from people asking her to teach their children, that she now teaches several classes a week. 

Kim teaches various classes for children ages 2-17 both privately and publicly.  The main focus of the yoga program at Inspire Kids is fun!  Yoga postures are brought to life through games, stories and dance.  The child’s mind is often over-stimulated by the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle and yoga helps counter these stresses.

Current public classes are held on Thursdays at 9:15am and 10am at Open Doors Yoga Studios in Scituate.  Classes are for preschool and Kindergarten children ages 3-6.  Children under 3 can come with a care giver. 

Classes are typically 45 minutes to an hour long.  Kids get a chance to run, jump, dance, and have a lot of movement in class.  They discuss the yoga philosophy of healthy eating and exercise as well as being an overall good person and friend.  At the end of every class Kim practices savasana to help children learn to slow down.

Kim also takes her classes on the road, teaching at area elementary and preschools, as well as Girl Scout and church groups.  She also does birthday parties!  Kim brings all mats and equipment for class, all the organizer needs to do is add the children! 

For more information on Inspire Kids Yoga, including how to sign up for current classes, call Kim at 781-545-2952.