Coffee Filter Shamrock Craft for Kids

filter craft 005 I love doing arts and crafts with my children, especially around holidays.  With three small kids, I’m all about easy crafts that use materials I already have around the house, and this Coffee Filter Shamrock craft fits the bill perfectly!  It’s easy, festive, and even injects a little learning into the activity by letting the kids experiment with blending colors together.

Materials Needed: 

filter craft 001

  • Coffee Filters
  • Food Coloring
  • Eye Droppers or Straws
  • Scissors


Cut shamrock shapes out of some coffee filters.  Layer a few together and cut at the same time to make it easier.  Next, mix together about 2 tablespoons of water and 5-10 drops of yellow food coloring. Do the same for blue in a separate cup.

filter craft 002

Use an eyedropper or a straw to drip colors randomly on the coffee filter shape. We used straws, it controlled the amount of liquid pretty well so that the filters didn’t get saturated too quickly. 

filter craft 003

Yellow and blue will mix together to make green!

filter craft 004 

Let the coffee filters dry and you’re done.  These colorful shamrocks make very cute door decorations!