Tips on Mosquito & Tick Prevention

Summer is finally here – with it comes warm weather, long days spent outside with friends, afternoons in the sprinkler, evenings by the fire pit.  Unfortunately, summer also means some unwanted backyard pests.  Today Pure Pest Management shares some helpful tips on protecting your family from mosquitoes and ticks:


  • Mosquitoes need standing water to reproduce.  Make sure that you reduce as much standing water around the house as possible.  Remove old tires, buckets, old flower planters, and anything that can collect water.
  • Weekly yard maintenance is very important – Not only does it make your property look great but it ensures that there are no unwanted household items collecting outside, this will help reduce pooling of rainwater and ultimately keep any mosquitoes from multiplying.  
  • Clear yard of all brush and leaf litter.
  • There are certain plant oils that have great effectiveness in repelling Mosquitoes.  Plants like Lemon Thyme, Catnip (Nepeta Cataria), and Citronella grass all contain these qualities.
  • Wear Insect Repellent! We recommend looking for all-natural and organic substitutes to the tradition repellents like DEET.
  • During the day playing in the sun and avoiding shaded areas will help reduce the chance of getting bit.
  • If out at night wear long pants and shirts to help protect the skin
  • Don’t leave windows, garage doors, or screens open – This will prevent mosquitoes from entering the house and creating an even greater problem.


  • Ticks thrive in over grown yards, weekly yard maintenance is very important-keep the grass on your property short
  • Clear yard of all brush and leaf litter
  • Play areas around the house should be free of leaves and bordered (swing set, sand box, etc.)
  • Rubber Chip or Wood Chip should be placed under swing sets
  • At all possible keep play areas and outdoor sitting areas away from the perimeter of the property
  • Avoid woodsy and tall grass areas 
  • Stay on maintained paths when walking or hiking
  • Don’t venture off into areas that are overgrown
  • Tuck shirts into pants
  • Ticks are easier to spot on light colored clothing
  • Wear Insect repellent 


  • Removal of ticks should happen quickly and with the use of sterilized equipment
  • Apply alcohol to a cotton swab or Q-tip and dab the tick to loosen its hold on the skin.  Make sure you have sterilized the area around the tick before removing it.
  • When extracting the tick with tweezers or tissue do so in a smooth motion.  Get as close to the skin as possible before removing.
  • Pull tick in a straight motion do not pull side to side or twist.
  • Once the whole tick is removed clean tick bite with an antiseptic such as rubbing alcohol, hot soapy water, or an iodine based scrub.  
  • Monitor the area closely for a few days to insure that the treated area doesn’t have any signs of infection.  If a rash, fever, or headache develops immediately consult your healthcare provider or family physician.

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