Candy Buy Back Programs for 2017

November 1, 2017 0

Overloaded with sweets after Halloween? You can sell your candy back for prizes, coupons and money! The candy is sent to troops overseas so they can have a treat and a taste of home. These offers have a short window, most end by November 4th, but a few go a little longer. So save your favorites and give the rest to the troops!

Post-Halloween Candy Overload

November 1, 2010 3

The big night is over, and hopefully it was a spooky success! The problem now – what to do with all that candy?
If you’re like me, you’ve purchased at least 2 bags too many for the trick-or-treaters that visited your house, add that to the loot your kids brought home, and you’ve got a little bit of a candy situation. The solution? Sell, trade, or donate it!

M&M Taste Test!

December 21, 2009 1

While roaming around the web the other day, I came upon this idea for an M&M Taste Test from a blog called Make and Takes. It’s really a cute idea; fill a bowl with different flavors of holiday M&M’s, and have the kids (and you) take turns picking one out with your eyes closed. Then chart your results by flavor and color for a little added educational fun!