Creative Egg Carton Crafts Ideas for Kids

March 20, 2016 1

The weather is beautiful (finally)! Celebrate SPRING with these fun, easy and inexpensive Egg Carton Crafts. For most of them you won’t need much more that empty egg cartons, paint, pipe cleaners and maybe some googly eyes. Have fun creating!

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Fun Super Bowl Activities for Kids

January 29, 2015 0

If you’re watching the Super Bowl with kids in tow, you may want to have a few “busy” activities on hand to keep them entertained during the big game. We’ve rounded up a few easy ideas that kids (and adults) will love! [read more]

7 Easy Halloween Crafts

October 7, 2009 0

Fun and easy Halloween craft ideas. Most of them are made using supplies you may already have around the house! Spirit Jugs, Lollipop Spiders, Q-Tip Skeleton, Handprint Spiders, Paperbag Scarecrows, and more! [read more]