Organize Your Kids’ Artwork!

March 30, 2011 0

Today, Shannon from Love Your Space Professional Organizing shares some creative and stylish ideas for displaying kids artwork:

Kids LOVE to create, and at our house, it is a daily activity! Add to the homegrown stack, art brought home from school and the next thing you know, every flat surface is covered, OR worse yet, every wall is covered with art hung by bits of scotch tape. Artwork displayed is not only a confidence booster for the kiddos, but it brings original and wonderful splashes of color into the home. Here are some solutions that bring a bit of order and style to displaying the many works of art!

Love Your Space

October 9, 2009 0

I have all intentions of being an organized person, I really do, but somehow clutter and disarray find their way into my house again and again… Love Your Space is a professional organizing company that can help! …founded in 2006 by Shannon, a local mom and mother to three young boys. Shannon has a passion for organizing not only her own home, but yours as well!