{Get Organized} A Pretty Grocery List

February 5, 2012 0

At our house, we are not so great at grocery lists. When we realize we need something, it gets jotted down on whatever is handy at the moment… whether it’s a Post-it, scrap piece of paper, iPhone list, even on our white board calendar. Having admitted we have a grocery planning problem, I went in search of a solution, and found this lovely little Grocery Planner Clipboard project from Design Sponge!

{Back-to-School} Back to Schedules

September 1, 2011 2

School mornings can get hectic at our house, especially if I need to spend time following the kids around, nagging reminding them to get dressed, brush their teeth, find their shoes and backpack, etc. I recently came across this Morning Routine Chart on How Does She, and thought Eureka! This is exactly what we need to help the kiddos be more independent! I made a few tweaks of my own, and came up with this Back to School Morning Checklist.

Where do you store YOUR Medicine?

August 4, 2011 1

Where do I store MY medicine? Well, up until recently, if you asked me that question, I would have answered “in my bathroom medicine cabinet, silly!” I mean, it’s called a medicine cabinet, right? A good friend has pointed out this is just, well, wrong. It turns out this is pretty much the worst place to keep your medicine, and here’s why…

Solutions for Your LEGO Chaos {Part 2}

June 1, 2011 0

Yes, it’s another post about Lego storage! I apologize to all the readers out there who don’t own a single set, but organizing these things is becoming a bit of an obsession for me. The Lego people may have found a storage solution in our house, but that still leaves a whole lot of loose bricks in a bin that need to be dealt with. Here’s what I’ve found (and liked) in my search so far:

Organize Your Kids’ Artwork!

March 30, 2011 0

Today, Shannon from Love Your Space Professional Organizing shares some creative and stylish ideas for displaying kids artwork:

Kids LOVE to create, and at our house, it is a daily activity! Add to the homegrown stack, art brought home from school and the next thing you know, every flat surface is covered, OR worse yet, every wall is covered with art hung by bits of scotch tape. Artwork displayed is not only a confidence booster for the kiddos, but it brings original and wonderful splashes of color into the home. Here are some solutions that bring a bit of order and style to displaying the many works of art!

Getting Organized for Tax Season

January 12, 2010 0

It may be the middle of January right now, but April 15th will be here before you know it. Getting all of your tax related paperwork in order can sometimes be a daunting task. Today Shannon Tracy of Love Your Space shares some helpful tips on getting and staying organized for the tax season.

Wanted: A Better To Do List

November 9, 2009 1

In general I’m a list maker. It helps me keep on top of my never ending to-do list. In fact, there are usually three or four lists floating around here at any given moment… Usually these lists are scrawled on random pieces of paper or notebooks, but lately I’ve felt the urge to get a little more formal, and hopefully a little more effective! I googled for a bit on the subject, and found some candidates for my new and improved to-do list, so I thought I’d share…

Love Your Space

October 9, 2009 0

I have all intentions of being an organized person, I really do, but somehow clutter and disarray find their way into my house again and again… Love Your Space is a professional organizing company that can help! …founded in 2006 by Shannon, a local mom and mother to three young boys. Shannon has a passion for organizing not only her own home, but yours as well!

Display that Art Work!

September 28, 2009 0

My 5 year old son loves art projects, and is especially into crayons… All of his pictures are important to him, so of course I try to display as many as possible… I found a great solution online in these Work of Art Clips ($12.95 each from the Land of Nod).